Viral Woman Successfully Cuts 31 Kg Weight Even though She Still Eats Rice, Here’s Her Story

Viral story of the diet journey of a housewife in Jakarta, Mumpuni Diyah Islamey who managed to cut body weight to as much as 31 kg. What is unique, different from most diets, this woman still regularly eats rice.

Indeed, at first, the woman who is often called Amey had failed the diet because of the wrong mindset, even though she had avoided many foods. But then since January 2023, this 33-year-old woman has continued to consistently undergo her diet with ‘enjoyment’ and produce good results.
“There are many restrictions on not eating this and that, which ultimately led to failure and decided in January to try a relaxed diet, a diet to change lifestyle, a diet that can still eat or drink anything, a diet must be enjoyed,” said Mumpuni Diyah Islamey when contacted by detikcom, Tuesday (7/11/2023).

Unlike most people who avoid rice on a diet, Amey actually continues to eat rice, but by calculating her calorie intake. In fact, Amey does not limit the types of food she consumes. It’s just that she always pays attention to the portion she eats.

“Because we still need carb intake, and rice doesn’t make us fat. The point is in the portion, the wrong thing is when you eat too much rice,” Amey explained.

Amey, who originally weighed 107 kg, now weighs 76 kg thanks to her diet. In addition to maintaining her diet, Amey also tries not to stay up late and regularly takes the time to do light exercise such as a 30-45 minute walk every morning.

Instead of reducing the number of times she eats, Amey implements a five-meal-a-day pattern that includes a healthy snack schedule.

“So I eat in a 5-times-a-day pattern, where breakfast is at 7-9, there is a morning snack at 10-11, lunch 12-14, afternoon snack 15-16, and dinner 18-19,” she said.

“If I snack, it’s cut or whole fruit, if I want juice/smoothies, usually for breakfast or dinner replacement if I don’t want to eat heavy,” she added.

Before successfully losing weight until now, Amey admitted that she felt bored with the routine of maintaining her daily diet.

“Usually if that happens, it’s okay, for example if I’m lazy to exercise, I skip the exercise first, I want to eat any snacks, but the next day I’m right back on track again,” she said.

Alongside her dieting efforts, Amey admits that she loves to cook. As a result, Amey tried to create a meal plan program containing material about dieting and a 30-day meal plan menu list. Thanks to this meal plan program she created, hundreds of people who participated in her program have been helped in undergoing a diet.

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